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Inspiration across the border
South Africa needs no introduction to its overwhelming natural beauty. Many people have already lost their heart to South Africa as their favorite holiday destination. Less well-known is the variety of possibilities for business purposes i.e. Business Tourism. Whether this refers to a small leadership breakaway, management course, conference or meeting potential strategic partners. The business traveler will gain a complete new perspective on doing business by experiencing South Africa in a different way.

South Africa has a world class business and leisure environment. Conference centers, meeting facilities and accommodation are provided with the latest technology and provide proof of a high level of professionalism. In South Africa one finds top quality hotels, character filled safari lodges, good transport facilities, excellent food and wines and a rich choice to entertainment possibilities: from pampering beauty centers to fabulous golf courses, from modern shopping malls to the fascinating wildlife and scenery. Moreover South Africa lies at a flying distance of 10 hours from the Netherlands in the same time zone, which prevents the dreaded jetlag.

Get to know the unexpected
It is not only the combination of excellent accommodation, fabulous food and wines and wide range of leisure activities that makes South Africa such an attractive Business Tourism destination. Moreover it is the remarkable political history, rich heritage of African traditions and philosophy of South African Ubuntu (personality) that makes South Africa an intriguing and fascinating host country for business purposes.

Get to know South Africa in A unique way and let yourself be inspired by a different focus on life and doing business. "Where Your way meets the South African Way."

Have your seminar or meeting guided by a South African facilitator. Someone, who introduces you to the unique management styles and ways to preside meetings, based on centuries old cultural basic principles like Lekgotla, Indaba, Imbizo, Drumming and Bosberaad. Or invite one of South Africa's leading political and/or business leaders as guest speakers during your business meeting. Get to know more about the spectacular political turnover, from apartheid to democracy, in an interactive session. Discuss, analyze, explain and learn from this extraordinary event which turned South Africa round 360 degrees.

Are you interested in a visit to South Africa? Plan to Event is your personal link to make that happen.


Exclusive and efficient
Plan to Event offers a comprehensive range of services that is essential for the creation of an unusual and tailor-made arrangement to South Africa. A conference or seminar in South Africa can be a trigger for a visit to South Africa, or we can organise specific training, a meeting or management session for your delegation in South Africa. The scope and objectives are the starting point of designing and organising a comprehensive programme. We provide to every service you might need during your stay in South Africa. We take care of all practical arrangements; organising seminars, visits to conferences, management sessions, workshops, company visits and booking of flight tickets, transport, accommodation and leisure activities. We can also organise programmes for those who accompany you on your trip to South Africa.

Designing a business tourism arrangement is a customer-made process. A group of business people with a common business objective. A personal approach and empathy for the wishes and expectations of the group, type of people and culture of the group are the key elements to our success.

Quality and professionalism
Besides designing and organising successful business tourism arrangements smooth coordination of it are just as important. Plan to Event is well versed in the South African culture and its way of doing business and, no other South African company, understands the Dutch quality standards. With our local company in South Africa we are able to take care of a tight organisation and execution of your programme.

We cooperate with professional and well-known partners who understand their profession and the South African culture. SANEC - the Dutch Chamber of Commerce for South Africa - is one of our strategic partners in Business Tourism. Another strategic partner is South African Tourism - the tourist board of South Africa. Business Tourism is promoted by South African Tourism under the banner 'Business Unusual'.

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