"South Africa,
Source of pure beauty
Inspiration for body and mind
Feasible creation."

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Health, beauty and vitality
South Africa needs no introduction to its overwhelming natural beauty. Many people see South Africa as one of their favorite holiday destinations. A lesser known fact is the possibility of cosmetic and medical surgery. Whether a breast correction, facelift, eye laser surgery, liposuction or knee replacement. South Africa is the place to be to have a reasonable priced cosmetic or medical treatment combined with a pleasant recovery.

The cosmetic and medical world in South Africa is of the best in the world. With its high-standard medical facilities, excellent private clinics, well qualified medical doctors and specialists and modern nursing techniques, South Africa is uniquely qualified. In addition, every year it hosts congresses visited by specialists from all over the world to exchange latest developments in the cosmetic and medical field.

Boundless possibilities
An increasing demand for luxury and specialised medical care, growing backlog of treatments and relatively high costs in The Netherlands triggers more and more Dutch people to consider a medical treatment abroad. This consideration is strongly stimulated by the introduction of a new public medical aid system as per the 1st of January 2006. The new public medical aid system offers more possibilities for medical treatment abroad.

The costs of high-standard cosmetic and medical treatment are substantially lower in South Africa than in The Netherlands. Moreover you can combine your treatment with a pleasant stay in one of the most beautiful and many-sided countries of the world. "Where Your way meets the South African Way."

Just imagine that for the same amount you will pay on a treatment in The Netherlands you can go to South Africa for the same high-standard treatment and additionally recover in a pleasant climate and relaxed ambiance. The place to be to vitalize both your body and soul and return to The Netherlands completely rejuvenated and well rested. Moreover, South Africa lies at a flying distance of 10 hours from The Netherlands in the same time zone, which prevents the dreaded jetlag.

Are you interested in a visit to South Africa? Plan to Event is your personal link to make that happen.


Exclusive and efficient
Plan to Event is specialist in organising and accompanying cosmetic and medical arrangements to South Africa. We know which procedures to follow and how to combine your treatment and recovery with pleasant stay in South Africa. For the cosmetic and medical aspects of the treatment we cooperate with well-known doctors, specialists and nurses who all work for the best private clinics and hospitals in South Africa.

We offer a comprehensive range of services that is essential for the creation of an all inclusive cosmetic and medical arrangement in South Africa. We provide to every service you might need during your stay in South Africa. We take care of all practical arrangements; bookings of flight tickets, transport, accommodation, cosmetic and medical procedures and leisure activities stimulating your recovery. We can also organise attractive programmes for your partner, family member or friend who might accompany you on your trip to South Africa.

Quality and professionalism
The needs of each client are different. Your wishes and expectations are the starting point for designing your cosmetic or medical arrangement. Therefore we will have comprehensive contacts with you in order to establish a tailor-made programme.

Besides designing and organising a successful cosmetic or medical arrangement smooth coordination of it is just as important. Plan to Event is well versed in the South African culture and its way of doing business and, no other South African company, understands the Dutch quality standards. With our local company in South Africa we are able to take care of a tight organisation and execution of your programme.

With concern and care
Undergoing a cosmetic or medical treatment is not an easy decision, especially when you are considering a treatment abroad. We will therefore accompany you during all the successive phases of the process.

The preparation phase, prior to your arrival in South Africa, will be done with all the care needed. All parties involved - you, your medical attendant and Plan to Event - will have to get a clear picture of all your wishes and expectations as to the nature, costs and period of time of your treatment, time of recovery and stay in South Africa. The various (im)possibilities will then be carefully discussed.

Also during your stay in South Africa we will maintain intensive contacts with you and assist you wherever and whenever required. In addition, after your return home we would very much appreciate if you could keep us informed of your further experiences related to your treatment.


Medical care abroad
As per 1st of January 2006 a new public medical aid system was introduced in The Netherlands. This medical aid system offers more possibilities for medical care abroad.

With this introduction the differences between the two former medical aid systems have disappeared. In principle, the new system now covers medical care costs worldwide. This means that the insurance policy covers exactly the same worldwide as in The Netherlands i.e. at Dutch conditions and against Dutch tariffs.

Depending on the kind of policy, the client is free to choose a medical provider and allowed to undergo a medical treatment abroad. There are three policies: 'restitutie-polis', 'natura-polis' and a combination of the two.

The 'restitutie-polis' is the so-called 'non-contracted' medical aid programme. The client chooses his or her medical provider without consultation with the insurance company. The client settles his or her accounts directly with the medical provider and thereafter claims a refund at the insurance company. It is a given right to a client to refund its medical costs in The Netherlands. Medical care abroad will therefore be refunded to the maximum amount of the Dutch tariffs, except for basic excesses mentioned in the policy.

The 'natura-polis' is the so-called 'contracted' care. The insurance company has a contract with different medical providers. Medical bills are sent directly to the insurance company by the medical provider. The client can apply to any medical provider contracted by the insurance company. These providers both are situated in The Netherlands and abroad. If a client with a 'natura-polis' wants to be treated by a non-contracted medical provider he or she should first discuss this with the insurance company.

! Please always contact your insurance company first to find out which financial coverage your policy offers for medical treatment abroad, in this case in South Africa.

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