"South Africa,
The world in one country
Waiting for you
To discover...
To experience...
To fall in love with...
And return, time and time again!"

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Welcome to Plan to Event, "Where your way meets the South African way".

South Africa, with its overwhelming natural beauty does not need any introduction. Many people already lost their hearts to South Africa as their favorite holiday destination. However, South Africa can offer much more from different perspectives.

Imagine a visit to South Africa from a Business perspective; attending an international conference, meeting future business partners in a culture of possibility, participating in management training with an unbeatable wild ambiance or experiencing a tribal teambuilding programme during an incentive trip. The variety of such possibilities is just too much to grasp until you come and experience it with us.

South Africa also offers excellent possibilities from a Cosmetic and Medical point of view. Well qualified medical doctors and specialists and the high quality facilities belong to worlds most excellent. This combined with substantially lower prices than that of The Netherlands makes South Africa a great cosmetic and medical destination. Who wouldn't want to recover in a luxurious and tranquil surrounding with such a pleasant climate and overwhelming natural beauty?

South Africa is an outstanding example of a country where you can combine your holiday with your Special Interests. A holiday in which you do not tick off your usual list to see, but in which you experience the fascinating culture and raw nature of South Africa in a completely unique way. What to think of doing a photography or field ranger course; attending a big sports event; staying with local tribes in a traditional Zulu village or getting married in one of the most romantic places in South Africa? One by one extraordinary experiences that will enrich your life.

Are you interested in a visit to South Africa? Plan to Event is your personal link to make that happen.

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