"Passion for existence
Longing for discovery
Our world in one country
The boundless South Africa!"

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Looking for the ultimate traveling experience
South Africa needs no introduction to its overwhelming natural beauty. Many people have already lost their heart to South Africa as their favorite holiday destination. From safari and beach holidays to trips to vineyards and tours showing the most beautiful sights within a short span of time. South Africa has many varieties and is a country of extremes. Therefore South Africa is so-often called 'the world in one country'.

However, the exclusiveness of these holidays is decreasing. The urge of tourists to see everything, goes beyond the ultimate traveling experience: The experience to be in real contact with nature instead of only looking at it; the experience in really participating in the cultural traditions and rites instead of seeing a performance of it.

Instead of conventional tours, we take up the challenge to organise Special Interest holidays in South Africa giving you the ultimate traveling experience. The feeling you get more out of your holiday and enrich your life. "Where Your way meets the South African way."

Action and interaction
Discover the ultimate experience of being one with nature by feeling, hearing, smelling and learning everything about it. Interact with the local communities and learn from their traditions and rituals. Enjoy the passion with which sports are pursued in South Africa and the African passion for dance, music and theatre.

Courses, ceremonies, events and festivals are excellent moments to combine your personal interests and your curiosity for South Africa.

An eye for the precious
With Special Interest holidays your experience is the focus point. They are holidays for people who are looking for the ultimate experience, but also for people who have an eye for the precious, i.e. where respect for nature, the environment and the local people of South Africa comes first.


Nature, develop the senses of a field ranger
South Africa is home to a multiplicity of game reserves, diverse wild life and panoramic landscapes. What better way to discover the mystery of South African nature than by doing a field ranger course? A field ranger course will give you a good impression and understanding of life in South Africa's wilderness within a few days.

Photography, from a different perspective
"When I think of travel I think of photography. It's difficult for me to separate those two. For me photography helps to capture and transmit the sense of place that makes the destination special. Through people's facial expression and attitude, a culture comes alive. Through the shapes and shade of colours a scenery comes alive".
© Plan to Event

If this opinion appeals to you, why not do a photography course in South Africa. A unique opportunity for lovers of photography to discover South Africa and further develop your photography skills

Culture, come into contact with local people
Can you imagine a better way of getting into contact with the local tribes than staying with, for example, a Zulu family, in a traditional Kraal for a few days? Get to know more about the daily life of a Zulu family and discover the healing methods of a Sangoma; participate in a wedding or a funeral, visit the Sunday church or a school.

We invite you to take up the challenge and meet the cultural differences. A unique chance to have a look through the eyes of an other culture without being intrusive.

While you are having the time of your life, your financial contributions will increase the welfare of the family and their surroundings. You might consider this a special way of development aid. A holiday with a true added value!

Romantics, say 'I do' in an African ambience
What can be more romantic than say 'I do' to each other in an African ambience. The magic landscape of South Africa promises a magically beautiful wedding day and honeymoon. The South African law has no restrictions and every location can be changed into your wedding location. A marriage in the wilderness, under a centuries old baobab tree, on the beach beside a safire blue sea or in the middle of extensive vineyards.

Or even go one step further and marry in a Zulu village, have you marriage celebrated by a traditional Sangoma and party on the rhythmic sounds of the African drums.

Sports, make the adrenaline stream
South Africa is an outstanding host country for sports: rugby, football, golf, cricket, formula A1-races, marathons, speed cycling ... they are all there! South Africa frequently hosts World Championships: in 1995 the Rugby World Championships, in 2003 the Cricket World Championships and in 2006 Golf World championships for women. That same year South Africa had the pleasure to host one of the Formula A1 races for the first time. For the year 2010 the Football World Cup is on the agenda and the necessary preparations are in full swing.

South Africa also offers various possibilities to surpass your own sporting results, for instance by participating in the annual Cape Argus Pick 'n Pay Cycle Challenge or the Comrades Marathon.

Give your holiday a sporting touch by attending or participating in one of the sports events in South Africa.

Festivals, plunge into the artistic performance
All year round music, dance and theatre festivals are organised in South Africa. Unique opportunities to indulge in culture. These are the moments when the local people stand in the spotlights and show their artistic and musical talents in public.

Give your holiday an artistic touch by attending one of these sparkling festivals in South Africa

Culinary, develop your taste buds
South Africa is well-known for its delicious Cape wines and characteristic way of preparing food on the braai. And it is the origin of the famous biltong, potijekos, bobotie and the classical dishes made to the recipes of the Cape Malai.

Get to know the South African cuisine and participate in a culinary trip where your can taste and prepare the characteristic food extensively.


Exclusive and efficient
Plan to Event offers a comprehensive range of services that is essential for the creation of an all inclusive Special Interest arrangement to South Africa. For instance a sport event or a festival can be a trigger for you to visit South Africa, or we can organise specific tailor-made course or ceremony for you. We provide to every service you might need during your stay in South Africa. We take care of all practical arrangements; organising a wedding, sport event, ranger course and booking flight tickets, transport, accommodation and leisure activities.

The needs of each client are different. Your wishes and expectations are the starting points of designing your Special Interest arrangement. Therefore we will have comprehensive contacts with you in order to establish a tailor-made programme.

Quality and professionalism
Besides designing and organising unique and tailor-made Special Interest arrangements smooth coordination of it is just as important. Plan to Event is well versed in the South African culture and its way of doing business and, no other South African company, understands the Dutch quality standards. With our local company in South Africa we are able to take care of a tight organisation and execution of your programme.

We cooperate with professional and well-known partners who understand their profession and the South African culture. Our extensive network of amongst others hotels, lodges, conference centers, trainers, transport companies, restaurants and cultural centers makes it possible for us to organise A unique and tailor-made arrangement.

Awareness and respect
We are aware of the fact that holiday trips can affect the precious South African nature and culture negatively. This does not mean that we have to stop organising holidays to South Africa. In stead of that we take into account the durability of the holiday destination and have eye for the preservation of nature and culture, because holidays can also contribute to the socio-economical aspects of a country.

In order to organise holidays of added value for you as well as for South Africa, we closely cooperate with organisations managed by local communities or with organisations which have close contacts with local communities.

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